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Joseph M. Schreiber is a trial lawyer and writer based in Houston, Texas. Prior to working in law, he taught high school in Helena, Arkansas as a member of Teach For America. He also started and taught at the Phillips County Juvenile Detention School, a school in the juvenile jail in Helena. He attended the University of Texas School of Law in Austin and Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has lived in Chicago, St. Louis, Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, Texas and Venice, Italy. He has published multiple legal articles and speaks regularly on legal issues. He has written two novels, the first, a crime-law thriller Devils Walk Through Galveston, and its sequel, Ghosts of the Mid-Country. He is married and has two dogs: a miniature coyote named Wiley, and a bullmastiff named Teague who would like some bacon, please. He is a golf enthusiast and cigar aficionado.


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