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 Indie Beacon Videos 2019 /  amg /  16 August 2019 /  2 views

KT Banks lives near Dallas, TX with her husband, Kenny, their 3 sons Damian, Beau & Dylan and their two dogs, Maggie and Izzy. KT Stated; "I think I must be related to Bugs Bunny because I just can't resist messing with people, and the funny thing is, they never expect it from me. Once on April Fool's Day, I sent horse manure on a silver platter to an irritating man at work. He was mad at first, and then he thought it was funny. We got along better after that. I want to write books that people truly enjoy, and that I enjoy writing. My goal, my dream really, is for people to love what I write and how I write it. To love my characters as much as I do." And luckily, that is what has been happening.


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