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Lone Star Book Festival on Spectrum Channels

Starting in January, we will be doing limited commercials to promote the upcoming Lone Star Book Festival on the Spectrum TV system. Commercials will air on a variety of channels during a one-week period, each time we run an ad. Each run will be in a different part of the state. For example, Ad #1 will run Jan 13 – 26 in San Antonio, ad #2 will run in February in Houston, etc.

We are offering special advertising to authors attending the event. For a $100 fee, we will list one book and your author pen name in a single ad run. We will run it in an area where you DO NOT live to give you more widespread exposure. Only one book image will be shown. The current estimate is 154 airings with an estimated 18,797 views.

Once you make a payment, PayPal will take you to a form to be completed. If you are not taken to the form, please click on the left side for completing the form.

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE event. This program benefits DEAR Texas, Inc., a nonprofit organization.