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Last month, the London Book Festival shared a flurry of information about publisher’s rights, the growth of book sales and the continued discussion of eBook sales dropping. While, the latter cannot be confirmed 100%, as the biggest eBook seller; Amazon, does not report its eBook sales to anyone other than their authors, no one can confirm that eBook sales are down.

But if they are continuing to decrease in sales, what does that mean for YOU, the Author?

While Amazon continues to grow in its monopoly of book sales, that doesn’t help you, the author, in any form. In fact, it hurts you, as many authors feel that the only way to sell books is through Amazon.

There are over 1 million authors selling on Amazon these days. With so many titles, it’s a whirlwind of information that overwhelms any reader. This then leaves the author to either purchase Amazon’s marketing programs and hope it helps them break out of the pack, or they can try to search for other tools and programs that help readers find them, such as Book Festivals, Social Media, Book Stores etc.

Texas Authors, Inc. continues to create new ways to help authors meet readers and increase opportunities for authors to sell books. BUT, all of these services and programs only work if the author is willing to invest the time and energy to market themselves and their books.

Many authors simply want to write and let someone else sell their books. That’s great if you have the extra income to spend. A publicist, or marketing expert can cost thousands of dollars and there is never a guarantee they will generate enough book sales to cover their cost plus earn you an income that allows you to continue to happily write.

The majority of serious authors, those we call Authorpreneurs, have learned that they must find every possible way to promote their books at the least expense. By doing this, it opens the door wide for those in the industry to sell you a service that may or may not work, authors can again wind up spending more money and time with little or no results.

Collaboration with fellow-authors who share their ideas and experience helps a great deal, and that is something that generally happens more freely and openly in meetings and events. In addition, finding out from the experts what has worked for them and how any author can tweak a program or service to get the most from it is just as vital, and worth far more than one may expect.

TxAuthors is here to help by providing many opportunities. This includes book festivals, book store events and marketing programs. As we continue to grow in membership, we can continue to grow in opportunities and programs. We encourage every author to read the Author Updates, which we send out three times a week, then participate in programs that fit their needs.

One such program that is gaining recognition and international support is our Authors Marketing Event. It is a weekend full of fun, meeting fellow-authors and continuing education by attending seminars designed to help you! Now is the time to prepare yourself for a future life as an Authorpreneur and increase your ability to sell more books. Learn more here:

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