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A bachelor’s degree in creative writing online sharpens one’s writing abilities, and prepares them for employment in an array of industries, including publishing and advertising. The need for writers and editors is expected to grow moderately over the next decade, and nearly every business and organization needs writers in some capacity to produce copy, presentations, or other customer-facing deliverables.

What Will I Learn in an Online Writing Program?

Some creative writing bachelor’s degree online programs focus on literature, while others require students to create a portfolio of work upon graduation. Many also teach business and professional writing to prepare students for the job market. While curriculums and coursework varies, most students complete some iteration of the following courses.

Creative Writing: From fiction to poetry, creative writing lets students freely express themselves. This course explores the fundamentals of story structure and proper prose format, among other forms of writing.

Literature: Students examine the great literary works from around the world, in a variety of genres, and analyze themes, styles, and cultural significance.

Non-fiction Writing: Non-fiction writing conveys factual information, and includes magazine and newspaper stories. Likely topics include the elements of style and format, as well as how to find sources.

Rhetoric: A well-written essay persuades someone to view a topic from a different perspective. This course addresses rhetorical techniques, figures of speech, and composition.

Business and Professional Writing: Whether writing marketing materials or using search engine optimization techniques, students develop writing to help businesses achieve their goals in a variety of publications and formats.

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