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The following article was sent out to our membership. At the end of the article, you can read the responses that we received from our members and fellow authors.


Book Sales Continue to Decline

Book Sales dropping is nothing new. We have been reading reports on how books sales have decreased over the past couple of years, with only a slight gain in some quarters, just to drop back down. Yes, audiobook sales continue to increase, which goes to show that people are too busy to sit down and read a paperback book.

This hurried aspect of our lives continues to show itself in many ways. People are reading more short articles, short stories, and other short items and not really getting the full picture. This is true of the news, and of books.

I previously proposed this question to you, the authors, and membership. What are YOU doing to help change that? We know you are committed to writing the best story you possibly can, but that is just not enough, and here is why.

As an author, you want to make a living from your book sales. You want to enjoy the leisure life of writing and if you can accomplish it, hire other people to do the marketing and selling of your books. I want that too. I have tons of story ideas in my head, and I don’t have time to write them. So, in order for us to reach that point, we must have increased sales of books, eBooks or audiobooks.

That leads to the next piece of the puzzle, and that is to encourage people of ALL ages to read more. Thus, the question of the year…What are YOU doing to encourage more reading?

Tell us what you are doing, and we will share it with your fellow-authors on our website so that we, as a Family of Authors, can work together to build more readers from the youngest to the oldest ages possible. We must find ways to encourage the purchase of all types of books so we can succeed and make our fair share.

We need to discourage the lending of our books or the resale of our books to used bookstores. After all, we are not making any money from those sales. We, as a Family of Authors, need to be creative and think outside the box to motivate more readers of ALL ages.

Send us your call to action to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Author Responses:


I am trying to get myself invited to schools to give talks on writing.
I often post items on Facebook and Twitter about how much good writing is for a person's health and for the health of the brain. In my many talks I often talk about the need of people to put away the computer and read. I know that a person has to hear a message 17 times to learn it. We all need to be saying on every social media - a concise message of SAVE YOUR BRAIN, LOWER YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE - turn off the TV and cell phone and pick up a book.
Take care,
Curt Locklear