Authors Marketing Guild, LLC
A Member Based Owned Company

As we begin a new year, there is clearly a lot of crap left over from last year, and possible headaches for the year ahead. Many financial experts are saying we are heading for a recession. Legal experts say we may be heading for an impeachment of a sitting President. Global warming, and so much other heavy negative stuff.

No matter what your position is, the one fact remains…YOU are an Author with books to sell. While on a personal level you will address each of the above items in your own way. Even with all of the other stuff going on, the fact remains you need to plan your marketing to help sell your books so you can become a great Authorprenuer!

You DO want to be planning your marketing for the new year now. Map out every step for a new book, or for continued promotion of your current works.

With another 100,000 authors being added to the publishing world this year, you have more and more competition for readers. Therefore, it is imperative you do it right and not by the seat of your pants.

Big publishing houses and movie companies plan their marketing well in advance and that is why in most cases they succeed. You too must consider this, so you can succeed in your genre or particular release.

Part of this planning is also seeking out how to make more profit from your books. Is it cost advantage to sell your books on Amazon? Does your book get lost in the millions of other authors and books? Is it worth the temporary thrill of getting a ‘Best Seller’ listing that can fizzle in hours or days? Is it worth it that you may do decent on Amazon, but yet the world still doesn’t know about you?

Let’s face it, no matter if you love Amazon or not, they are there to make money and their ONLY concern is how to squeeze out every penny from you so that they can make billions. And that is the American Dream!

But, it is also the American Dream for everyone to have an opportunity to reach new levels in their career or style of living. To reach for every star of success and achievement that can be had. I created a bookstore to help you do exactly that.

Indie Lector is designed for YOU to make more money and to get more publicity then you may otherwise get in other stores. The choice is yours, have more money to promote your book so you can succeed or give more money to the large corporation that doesn’t care about your success.

Yes, we know Amazon has made it easy for people to buy books and we too are continually working to achieve that goal. And while everyone thinks of Amazon to buy books, by you educating them that there is a better place to buy books, then both authors & readers succeed. They still get great deals and you make more profit. A win win for each party.

You can be part of the Authors Revolution and claim your RIGHT to earn a fair living from your books or roll over and allow companies to take advantage of your work and make billions off of you and others without giving back.

For eight years we have been promoting authors and helping people learn more and more about them and we have seen success for those authors that want to succeed. We will continue to create programs, events and opportunities for your success. Will you take advantage this year of these opportunities, or simply roll over and play dead?

Now is the time, not later. Not when you have more money. Now….2019 is the year!